Advanced Bulking Dianabol Cycle

Published on October 10 2014

Advanced Bulking Dianabol Cycle

Cycle Description

Advanced Steroid Cycles are not meant for everyone, but are for specific audience. Only veteran steroid users who have experienced a minimum of five preliminary cycles and five intermediate cycles are qualified to utilize these advanced steroid cycles. You are warned against trying out advanced stacks if you are a beginner or a fresher, as this could lead to irreparable losses. You may end up getting seriously injured and may even damage the body permanently. Steroids do not yield effective results if the body is not prepared to receive them.

Advanced cycles generally comprise four or five steroids, one or two growth agents namely Human Growth Hormone and IGF-1or insulin. Steroids are considered to be extremely harsh and so drastic results or dramatic effects are expected and several side effects may crop up. A majority of bodybuilders follow a twenty week cycle.

Advanced cycling is determined and designed according to the two theories involving straight lining and loading.

Loading theory: Anabolic steroids are administered in high doses during the first fortnight in this cycle to pump the steroids into your system. This may in turn end up in damaging the receptor at times, but overall, loading has proven to be beneficial and has yielded impressive results.

Straight lining theory: This cycle is marked by same uniform dose throughout the cycle and no resorting to pyramiding or loading. The purpose behind same dose during the entire cycle is to make the body get gradually accustomed to the steroids and grow steadily.

This bulking cycle follows the loading theory. It starts off with high doses of sustanon during the initial couple of weeks then the doses are trimmed.

Cycle products:
Deca Durabolin: 10 ml (200mg/ml)
Dianabol: 400 tabs (5mg/tab)
Sustanon: 10 ml (250mg/ml)
Arimidex: 150 tabs (1mg/tab)
HCG: 1 vial (1500 i.u./ml)

IGF-1: 1 vial (1000 i.u./ml)
Nolvadex: 10
0 tabs (20mg/tab)
Clomid: 50 Tabs(50mg/tab)

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