Dianabol Mass Builder

Published on July 8 2014

Dianabol Mass Builder

Cycle Description

Here, we will present to you the most well-known and the most effective stack that can be used with Dianabol. This cycle is highly recommended for the beginners and is suggested by a veteran of steroids Mick Hart in his popular best-seller Layman’s Guides to anabolic steroids. The combination is much lower than the recommended and the needed dosage for a simple reason. It is stackable with almost anything and is a great stack for the first timers. It gives great results without some of the grave side effects that are often spoken of regarding this. Take a look at the cycle by using Dianabol tablets (5mgs or 10mgs). It is an excellent steroid that can be taken orally and provides great results with minimal side effects. The drug has been there for quite some time.

Cycle example: 10 week cycle with 5mg tablets:

When calculated, the total numbers of tablets will be 492. This would be similar to the last one. It is best if the tablets are taken in three parts spread equally throughout the day. This does not become very hard on the body. It should be a 10 weeks cycle period. This is like a classic pyramid structure, where you will start taking 4 tabs daily, then increase it to 10 tabs daily till the 5th week and then again reduce the dosage to 4 tabs.

When this cycle gets completed, it is recommended to give a gap of minimum 4 weeks so that the body gets some rest. However, many people continued taking the drug for long but that was not good. With the invention of an oral wonder drug Clenbuterol, it became ok to take the drug for prolonged period. The oral drug Clenbuterol is mainly taken in the gap period. It helps in maintaining the muscle mass that was gained in the previous stacks. It also helps to gain muscles further and makes conditions favorable for the same.

Cycle products:
Dianabol: 500 tabs (5mg

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